Anthe carving machine cutters are deep milled,  absolutely perfect in balance: made of carbon or high speed steel,  tempered to hold their edge under long and strenuous service.  Illustrated on this page are but a few of the more common forms of the Anthe Spindle Carving Machine Cutters.   Specialists in producing cutters to any design and shape to the most exacting of spindle requirements,  Anthe designers and technicians will give immediate attention to the sketches and specifications you provide.  Also available in 6 and 8 wing cutters.
* Order all standard cutters by numbers shown on illustrations. Give exact size of cutters. Always indicate diameter and thickness.

* State size and number of threads to the inch of bore desired. Our standards
are 9/16-20,   3/8-24,   3/16-24 threads. If in doubt, send a sample
cutter for thread size.
When ordering fluters
No. 7, give sweep
as shown above.
Anthe-Newton Chucking head is made for use with:  drill press, threaded arbor, motor shafts, boring machine, or heavy duty production borer. It is used for cutting square shouldered dowel pins on the ends of small pieces of work such as chair stretchers, ladder rungs, and simular pieces. It is ideal for cutting pins on small pieces where it is not practical to bore a hole for a pin. It also saves drilling/gluing operations, and provides more strength. It adds to the precision of work in fine cabinetry.
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Round Nose
No. 3
Liner Type No. 6
Straight Face No. 4
Concave with Aluminium
Collars   No. 25
Plain Ruffer
Special Extension Point.
Specify Female and Male threads.
Fluter  No. 7