For 100 years, Anthe Machine Works, Inc. has designed and produced superior tooling to the specifications and requirements of furniture, stair, plastics, industrial, cabinet, door manufacturing, display, aerospace and the woodworking industry in general.

All Anthe Cutters are made in the U.S.A. and live up to the quality and durability of American workmanship. Anthe Cutters are a result of years of application to proven manufacturing practices, a full knowledge of steels and alloys, attention to detailed specifications and exact finishing.

Through four generation, we have provided prompt and courteous customer service. We strive to be the best distributer/manufacturer in the business that can satisfy your tooling needs.
The quality of the steel and workmanship in every Anthe Cutter is fully guaranteed.
Any Anthe Cutter returned to us for examination, which by expert analysis,
proves faulty in either respect, will be
replaced entirely free of additional cost.
Whatever your needs, we can make it. We have for over 100 years!
PHONE: 859-431-1035FAX: 859-431-0399