100 years of tool making expertise is truly
the foundation for Anthe solid shaper cutters.
Those users who have made comparative tests know that these Solid Shaper Cutters show the lowest operating and replacement cost because:

1) They produce the easiest and smoothest cut with or
against the grain, reduce sanding to a minimum.

2) They hold their true shape and produce an identical cut
time after time throughout their long life.

3) The cutting edges on all Anthe Shaper Cutters are
machine cleared and prevent burning of stock.

Anthe Shaper Cutters are made to order. . .
of high speed steel, carbide, tipped or tangtung in any shape, diameter, thickness, or with any size bore or number of cutting edges.

These cutters are ground to your requirements,
so please send sketch or sample part.
PHONE: 859-431-1035FAX: 859-431-0399